Crypto Software 2017 

Crypto Software is the program that allows you to create an encrypted databases. The program guaranteers 100% security. The custom cryptography system created by Matej Vanco is integrated into the program, so you can easily manage your own encrypted database with all your items. Also you are able to save the whole database as a single local file.

Created on 21/10/2017

Hash Compiler & Hash Editor 

Hash Compiler is one of the first programming languages developed by Matt's Creations. It's hashtable low-level programming language running only on Windows 64/32. Whole documentation and help services can be found inside the software. There is also Hash Editor which is visual editor for the compiler. There can found some examples etc...

Created on 4/2/2017

Kinect Security System (V4)

KSS is one of the most advanced softwares that have been developed by Matt's Creaitons. If you have a Kinect device and wanna make some experiments or spy your room, this is the program for you. The program contains RGB and Depth camera view with movement detection system. If the program detect a movement, it will be automatically saved to the PNG format as an image and written to the txt file. Feel free to download.

Created on 5/2/ 2016

Hexa Eng ine Software v0.2 

Hexa Engine is our first creative software with basic physics system, visual editor, visual programming and logical system. It's is still very fragile and unusable version. This is the 2D engine and you are able to create your dream 2D world yet. Nothing playable or logical. That's just the plans to the future... Feel free to create something new.

Created on 8/9/2015

Painting (V0.01)

Painting is a classic painting program for drawing and creating own images. It's one of the first and easiest software that the Matt's Creations ever made. Feel free to download.

Created on 1/8/ 2014

Audio & Video Player  

You can easily open your video/ audio and play through the program. One of the first classic softwares created by Matt's Creations.

Created on 11/8/ 2014