Matt's Creations is an international public indie game studio based in Slovakia founded by Matej Vanco on 3/19/2014. This studio was officially focused on 3D animation and 3D graphic in the past. Now, it's an international public indie studio focused on game development and computer software.

Why public?

Our members in Matt's Creations are not 'long-time' workers. When a new project is released, new members will contact us and we have "new" team for the released game.
We also share our "off-topic" creations like software.
Our top creation is Hexa Game Creator which is our official game maker. In HGC you are able to create your own playable simulation, but it's very early access...

If you are interested in game development or software development, don't hestitate and contact us.
Share your creations and life-work with us and make the future better.


Wanna know more? Check the founder's whole biography here: matejvanco.com/resume