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International public indie game studio.
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Save-It has been updated to V5

Save-It Plugin for Unity has been finally updated to V5. Massive update contains many features such as internal streaming, component & behaviour streaming and more... Check more here: Save-It Pro V5 Asset Store

TFO VR Third Release Available

The Frontier Outskirts VR Third Alpha Release is now officially available and live! New features have been improved and added. We are very sorry for a little delay again.

The third release contains:

  • Fixed FPS Flickering
  • Fixed Sword Drops
  • Fixed In-Game Menu
  • Fixed Movement
  • New 2 Maps
  • New Map In Ground Mode
  • New Map In Space Mode
  • Fixed Slow Motions
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 TFO VR Third Alpha Release delayed 

We have some technical and in-game problems, so the third release of TFO VR will be delayed. Official Alpha Third release is on 20th September. We are very sorry about that, we are doing the best for even better experience. More here: steamcommunity.com/games/590250/announcements/detail/1455081566781556632

Hash Compiler & Hash Editor Update

Hash Compiler and it's visual editor has been updated to the version 1.82. There are a few interesting news including file streaming, windows 64 bit system support and more. Download here or in the part SOFTWARE.

Hash Compiler Latest version download

TFO Second Alpha Release

The Frontier Outskirts VR Second Alpha Release is now officially available and live! Many features have been improved and added. 

Thank you very much for the reviews and suggestions. We appreciate every comment and feedback. 

The next release is not officially released yet, but we are planning it very soon. Hope you enjoyed!

[Alpha gameplay below]

MD Plugin new update V6

MD Plugin has been finally updated to version 6! New features and improvements are included in the new version and you can design your future in PC or in VR! Check it out: www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/47061

Summer Sales!

Yes, the summer sales are here again and we've got a great sales. MD and Save-It plugins have a great cost. 40% both down. Just check it out... The sales are valid until 7/4/2017.

Save-It Pro [40% sale]

Mesh Deformation Full Collection + Plugin [40% sale]

The Frontier Outskirts VR official trailer

TFO official trailer is now out. Massive battles on the cold battlefield in the VR is coming very quickly. Now you are able to check the official trailer. Check this out...


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 Updated Save-It Plugin

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